YouthLink Trust – helping young people for over 40 years

YouthLink is a charitable trust and has been working in New Zealand since 1971.

Our programmes are open to young people aged 11 to 16 with significant care and protection or youth justice concerns. We provide an organised system of care and support enabling the young person to reach his, or her goals.

We are a professional multi-disciplinary agency providing intensive family therapy for clients.

Youthlink provides unique, quality healing for young people and their families through programmes covering:

  • self-worth
  • sense of achievement
  • feeling of growth
  • sensitivity to others

AtawhaiLink – making homes away from home

Where we focus on the recruiting, training, supporting and monitoring of caregivers. We recognise that caregivers are a critical factor in successful outcomes. Most of our caregivers work for other Links but this service is also available to other agencies.

DumakaLink – joining forces for better results

Here we manage our joint initiatives with other agencies.

FamilyLink – delivering therapy with science and compassion

This is our therapy team under the guidence of Dr. Charles Fishman, a pioneer of family therapy. We adapt and evolve our methods constantly. In general our therapists work with clients from other links, but we also accept referrals from statutory and non-statutory agencies for taylor made services.

FortunoLink – preparing for a positive future

This has the whole team focussed on working with young people who are on bail at home. It is a six week long day programme and includes community service, work experience and mentoring, as well as fitness and personal development. This service provides mentoring options for both weekdays and or weekends. The programme covers the South, Central and West Auckland areas as well as the Franklin region.

KaitiakiLink – working new strategies with youth offenders

This combines all our youth justice services and includes management of a residence in South Auckland. Residents participate in a day programme that incorporates community services, gardening. healthy living skills and educative activities.

KorowaiLink – mentoring by motivation

This caters for Māori youth justice clients. In conjunction with the Auckland Museum clients reconnect with their whakapapa and traditional customs. We also enhance fitness and body image along with life and safety skills. With a practical approach we support clients to complete their community service, and fullfill their plans and orders. The service covers the Auckland area with bases in Henderson and Manukau.

MorelaLink – mentoring young people into work

We provide work experience coupled with mentoring and guidence for at risk youth. We accept general referrals, and Fresh Start referrals from the Ministry of Social Development. Based in Manukau, we provide vocational mentoring in South and West Auckland.

RohanaLink – helping young people and their families

This is our 24/7 integrated residential, thereputic and educational programme for adolescents with severe behavioural and emotional issues. Referrals are accepted from throughout New Zealand. preferably the Northern and Midland CYF areas. The education component is provided by specialist schools or in mainstream schools. We also provide a 90 day transition service, re-integrating the young person to their home area.